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Aircrack to Hashcat to ... What the hell is next?!
Anyone got any idea on what technology would come next?

I mean don't got a trillion dallors and watching Intel sell these GPU cards for $11,000 and can't even poke the damn hole the 1st round. Beyond livid with this ALGORITHM bullshit if you ask me. 

Just trying to figure out how to speed up this cap cracking with out spending a trillion dallors. Furthermore, it seems like this brute forcing days are done and gone. It's obsolete folks unless someone got some game here. 

However, if your smart. You could help us all.  Big Grin

Free give away 
Hotspots are mostly all numerical. Hint, your phone number unless u changed it.
177 people seen this post and not one of you know what comes after hash my cat?! Holy hell.


Livid baby~ just livid. 

Internet Bandwidth should be free.

Free give away of the Day..
 If you own a Comcast Xfinity router and if it has 5 english character word then 4 numerical digits following 6 character english word

Toss it baby. I manage to fix this script that contains over 75gb but when u extract it it becomes well more.  All this script does is bruteforces every unique combination until it fits. 

That's only if they didn't rechange the password from stock.

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