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FAQ about the THS-OS Apollo Distro
Q: What is “THS-OS”?
A: THS-OS is the Top-Hat-Sec Edition of Backbox.

Q: What makes the THS-OS different from other pentesting Distros, like Backbox or Backtrack?
A: The THS-OS is a “tricked out” version of Backbox. It contains additional tools that R4V3N has put into the THS-OS that other operating systems don’t have.

Q: What version of Ubuntu does the THS-OS use?
A: It runs the same version as Backbox – Ubuntu 11. This makes it more compatible than Backtrack as Backtrack is running Ubuntu 10. Backtrack has a custom Kernel which causes further compatibility issues. 

Q: Where can I download the THS-OS?
A: See the Apollo Distro Post for the link

Q: How do I login?
A: select "other" and login as: root   The password is: teamths

Q: When I try to install, I get an "Username not valid" error
A: Run the live system. Login as root, open the terminal and type: ubiquity --no-migration-assitant <hit enter>. Then install it like you normally would.
If this does not work, you could have a corrupt version of the THS-OS. The solution to that is to re-download the THS-OS and try to make sure you are not timing out or that your internet is not going down during the download.

Q: I can’t find the Top-Hat-Sec folder on the desktop… help!?
A: You need to log in as “other” root    and put the password as teamths

Q: What is the us3r account?
A: The us3r account is a generic account created because Backbox would not allow us to create a Distro with Just a root account.  People that don’t want to log in as root can log in as us3r. The us3r account does not have the special programs that the root account does, and is more of a “blank slate” you can modify to your purposes.                       

Q: How can I delete the us3r account?
A: Ubuntu: How to Remove a User Account:  From time to time, it becomes necessary to remove a user account from your computer. Removing a user account from your Ubuntu system is a simple task that requires two separate terminal commands.
1. Open a terminal window.
2. First, you’ll need to delete the user account. Input the following command and hit Enter (change to the name of the user account that is to be removed):
sudo userdel (username)
3. Now you’ll want to delete the Home directory for the deleted user account. Input the following command and hit Enter (change to the name of the user account that is to be removed):
sudo rm -r /home// (usermame)

Q: Is the root account fully updated?
A: No. When you first install the THS-OS, you will need to run the script on the desktop (located under the Top-Hat-Sec folder). To do this, you will open the terminal and type in the following: cd Desktop <hit enter>    chmod 755 <hit enter>     ./ <hit enter>     The update process can take quite a few minutes, so please be patience. When prompted, type in the letter y <hit enter> and wait for the update process to finish.

Q: Do I need to run the Patch as well?
A: If you would like Cowpatty installed onto the THS-OS, or if you have WepWap1.6, then YES. Otherwise No.  The update should be run 1st before running the Patch!

Q: Where can I download the THS-OS Patch?
A: The directions and site are located here:   

Q:  Are we allowed to do apt-get dist-upgrade command on the THS-OS?
A: Yes as we did not change the Kernel of Backbox. However, we do not recommend updating Firefox as that will prevent some of the custom programs from running correctly.

Q: Do you have full personal support for your THS-OS?
A: No. We can help out if you have an issue with a specific THS-OS feature, but if it is a problem related to Backbox or Ubuntu we ask that you use the THS forum and the Backbox/Ubuntu forums. Using the search bar on the THS forum can lead to many solved issues with the THS-OS.

Q: How come I can’t change my volume when I click on the speaker?
A: The speaker icon is a part of the Backbox operating system that doesn’t function properly.  You can run a script to make it work in root, but at this time, I do not know what script this would be.
To adjust your sound, go to the terminal and type: alsamixer         
This will bring you to the screen where you can adjust the volume using the arrow keys (over to move to the next bar, up and down to adjust the sound)
UPDATE: Alsamixer Desktop Icon -;topicseen

Q: I have a Broadcom b43 wireless card. How come I can’t connect to the internet?
A:  Backbox/Ubuntu 11 has a driver issue with Broadcom. To fix this, you will need to be connected to the internet either with a cable or an external wireless card.
After you are connected to the internet, open up the terminal and type in the following command:
 apt-get install firmware-b43-installer
Type y and hit enter when prompted.

Q: How come WePpy and WapPy do not work in the THS-OS?
A: It can take 4 days to make our programs compatible with the THS-OS. Because the WepWap program was made compatible, WePpy and WapPy are on the backburner at least until after the SQL injection course is released.

Q: Why won’t my WepWap Program work in the THS-OS?
A: There are a few reasons your WepWap Program may not work.
     1)   You have WepWap1.5 which only works in Backtrack.    Solution: You will need WepWap1.6
     2)   You have not downloaded  and installed the Patch 2.0.  Solution: Download Patch 2.0
     3)   If neither of these work, see FAQ about WepWap (in process and not posted at this time).

Q: How do I run Metasploit on the THS-OS?
A: Go into the menu, services, postgresql and start postgresql. It opens up the console, wait a few seconds, and then it will have postgresql started. From there, create a new user and database. Then open msfconsole and connect.

Q: Why won't my Alfa AWUS036NH work in Linux?
A: Because it is not compatible. However the Alfa AWUS036H  (no "N") should work just fine.

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