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BlueKeep II (also calledDejaBlue)
Although this is slightly old news (from August), if you aren't paying attention to the cyber-world news, you might have missed this memo.
CVE-2019-1181 and CVE-2019-1182 target the RDS (Remote Desktop Services) of all versions of Windows 10.
Because this flaw can be used to create a worm that can then infect other computers with these security flaws.
Microsoft recommends updating to get rid of the security flaw.
Or... you could just get rid of the Microsoft RDS... or better yet, switch to Linux!
Of course, it does not affect Windows XP, so go ahead and feel safe if you are still using Windows XP!
Well feel as safe as a person in a glass house would feel living next to a rock quarry! XD
I think of you and pray for you often, becuase I care for you.

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