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Idea Exclamation Idea Exclamation Idea Exclamation

Curious. its very very quiet in here, someone atta get the game going here:

Lets talk about a few things here:

I'm a script feeder. That is all I do and some I do test on my own devices... Test on your own things while you can learn new things as technology improvises over time. If anyone has some real nice bash scripts that are custom made for hash cracking in python or bash holler. Id like to check them out as well.

Capture a cap file is easy. cracking time has been put off by the "Nextbigbang" which could be 5 billion years from now when the sun forms into a black hole. lol

Cracking hashes well that's another story.

Not that easy with ANY modern I7 I9 laptop these days. (cant catch up with time) brute forcing-

Off topic Subject over the use of technology.

Something to think about with all this technology Garbage since passwords are becoming harder to crack due to punctuation, symbols,numerical and even a uppercase letter. So hey, Check this out, One may wonder why everything is now set up as REMOTE ACCESS these days cause Brute forcing  passwords is not gonna cut it.  _remote

Anyone noticed how even WindowsOS can see everything and remove anything off your desktop lately?  Its getting awful creepy with Windows which I no longer use. Because of the way Microsoft inserted (Remote Access) in 1989, I kinda faded away not knowing any of the Windows OS. Andrew Milner should have never invented that script for MDOS, because its now on everything we use almost. Even your Smartphones which are constantly listening.

Lastly~ Ill never get a PC owned by MS until they remove all that because once they do, all the back door programs are gone. Wink 

Hey...Just because we pay $800.00 for a laptop system or Desktop system, does not give Microsoft the right to inspect, or even pyre an eye at the desktop of my Devices. Everything we do these days we are clueless on whats behind it.

Did you know when you are on someones servers/property you basically relinquish the rights to even have any say.

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